Brazil: Unibes, training to support the employability of disadvantaged young people


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Founded in 1915, the Unibes association is one of the social stakeholders most well established in Brazil. It has therefore been quite natural for the Group’s Brazilian teams and Solidarity AccorHotels to support its employability programmes since 2009. With the support of some sixty or so employees led by Antonietta Varlese, Vice-President of Communications & CSR America, more than 300 young people have received Unibes training in the service trades.

Since the beginning of the year, 30 more young people have been mentored by Unibes and will soon qualify. As part of the training programme, the AccorHotels teams wanted to commit by sharing their expertise and knowledge of the business to give a very concrete dimension to the course. The training included: visits to the Group’s establishments and business presentations but also expert staff presentations during training sessions (90 hours of the course taught by AccorHotels teams).

Today, four Accorhotels employees describe their experience working with the association and young people. They talk about this commitment, what it brought them, personally and professionally:

Mariana F. Constantino, Relationship Marketing Analyst

“It was something I was willing to for a long time, but do to daily rush, I always postpone it. This year, I decided that I couldn’t let it pass again. It was a different experience, obviously I got nervous, but when I got there and to be so well received, by the staff and the students, the nervousism went away and left only the good part. Gentle students, interested, in spite of the tiring routine that they’re under to, lots of them lives to far, work and study as well. It was really gratifying being able to pass a little of my knowledge and, at the same time, practice to professionals presentations. Certainly, I’ll be there next year!”

Helen Ribeiro, Assistente Executiva

“Being able to contribute with such a beautiful Project as Unibes is really amazing. I have the opportunity to share a little of my knowledge with youngsters that, as me when I was 16, were really anxious to insert themselves on the work market. The students are very dedicated and show great interest to enter in the hotel market.”

Renata Tavares, Onboarding Specialist - Fasbooking Brazil

“I can say that the volunteer job wakes on us the most incredible sensations that a person could feel. In every opportunities that I had to support with this project I felt love, gratitude, pride, happiness that I’ve never felt in other moments in my life. They are interested youngsters, curious, willing to change the reality that they live using knowledge and study. Seeing the brightness in the eyes of that children and knowing that we are using so little time of our lives to change completely their future, it’s a unique sensations and I hope that each one of my colleagues have the opportunity to live it.”

They all returned delighted with this experience, which they would like to repeat, evoking the strong commitment of young people to the programme. This involvement generated very good integration results: more than half of the young people had found a job before the end of their training!

Fernanda Nogarol, internet and e-commerce analyst, perfectly sums up the impact of the Unibes programme on young people: it “changes their lives!”