Hope Foundation: Sharing about professional integration


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Accor Solidarity, Hope Foundation and Accor teams in India have been working together since 2012 to provide disadvantaged young people with quality training in the service and sales professions. Their objective? Promote the professional integration of these young people as quickly as possible in order to ensure them a gain of autonomy, for themselves as well as their entire ecosystem (families, communities, neighbors...).

It is in this context that the Accor Centre of Hope was co-created in New Delhi more than 7 years ago. Seven promotions, more than 400 young people, have been trained and have gained skills over the years to find stable employment in a country where unemployment affects a large number of unskilled or low-skilled young people.

Accor teams in India monitor the project on a daily basis and offer internship periods to young people in training so that they can put into practice what they have learned and discover the professional world and the hotel sector in a practical way. An experience that gives young people the opportunity to validate or refine their project, in order to integrate permanently into the world of work... let’s discover the experience of 2 of them.


Anju Kumari is 26 years old and comes from a small village in Uttar Pradesh. Today, she lives in Nangloi, west of New Delhi, with her husband. Since childhood, Anju has had a dream: to work in the hospitality industry!

So when one of her neighbors told her about the Accor Center of Hope and the short courses offered, she didn't hesitate for a moment and registered.

Anju joined the 5th batch, very enthusiastic about learning different types of kitchens. She quickly showed a strong interest in learning English and computer science, subjects in which she gained strong skills.

After completing her 3 months of theoretical courses, she was welcomed for three months of internships by the Pullman New Delhi Aerocity teams. In the kitchen, Anju is in her element! She "loves working there".

Once the training and internship period have been validated, Anju quickly fund a position as a Chef at Tivoli Grand & Resort.

For her, this experience is "a dream come true"!


Umesh is a very promising young boy, 21 years old and from a small village in Uttarakhand called Almora.

One of his friends, who was part of the first batch at the Accor Centre of Hope, encouraged him to take his chance and follow a qualifying course. 

After 3 months, Umesh completed his theoretical training and begun a period of internship in cooking at Pullman and Novotel New Delhi Aerocity. He learned the tricks of the trade and his colleagues shared their know-how with him.

When Umesh joined the centre, he was very shy and hesitant about speaking in public or in front of groups. Over the months, he has gained self-confidence and soon he easily spoke to his class or with his colleagues.

Having great learning facilities, he finished his training in 6 months and quickly found a job!

Today, Umesh works at the Joost Bar, a juice bar, as a baker's chef and makes a good living to support his family. For him, it is an "extraordinary experience, with a positive impact on an entire family".