Entrepreneurship, a source of learning and emancipation!


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Sport dans la Ville (SDLV - Sport in the City) is one of Accor Solidarity's long-standing partners, working for more than 20 years to promote the social and professional integration of the 6,500 young people registered with the association, by actively participating in their progress and personal development.

In all the districts where SDLV operates, we can observe extraordinary entrepreneurial talents. Despite the socio-economic difficulties encountered, these neighbourhoods are rich in their youth, multiculturalism and boldness! The association has therefore identified the need to support these young people in their business creation project: ideas are flowing, but these budding entrepreneurs need tools and support to bring their project to life in a sustainable way. From this observation and this desire was born in 2007 the Entrepreneurs in the City program.

Launched in Lyon, through a key partnership between the association and the emlyon Business School, the Entrepreneurs in the City programme has been supporting young entrepreneurs coming from disadvantaged districts for more than 10 years, who want to launch their own business and thus be an actor in their destiny. In total, 243 entrepreneurs were supported, 167 companies were created and more than 367 jobs were created.

Today, the association has spread its model to various French areas and wanted to replicate the Entrepreneur program in Paris.

Thus, on Monday 25 February, Sport dans la ville inaugurated the launch of its 1st promotion of Entrepreneurs in Paris, in the premises of the Parisian campus of the emlyon, of course! A golden opportunity for the association but also its partners, beneficiaries and friends to meet and discover the pitch of the projects of the 17 entrepreneurs of this first edition!

Corporate sports, cosmetics, creative pastry, eloquence, recruitment assistance, ecology and health awareness workshops, restaurant creation... the projects are as diverse as they are ambitious! But entrepreneurs are warned: their projects will be challenged, questioned, reworked and... they may be completely different at the end of the program! "But they will be viable and meet market expectations". And it is under the benevolent guidance of two former students from Lyon, Laurent Bouzon and Djenebou Diaby, that a new adventure begins, which aims to be rich and intense, with its share of surprises but beautiful stories in fine!