Training local communities is the key to promoting more rational tourism


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The Amazon, the planet's largest green lung, is home to 50 to 70% of global biodiversity. But we are probably less aware of the fact that it is also home to 30 million people, who live in harmony with this lush environment. This is the case in the Uatumã Reserve! This 424,000-hectare reserve created in 2004 shelters 20 communities. With its natural wealth and strong fishing potential, the region attracts a large number of tourists, as well as private investors.

Faced with this growing tourism, the local populations and the association Fundação Amazonas Sustentavel (FAS) decided to work in concert. Their aim was to allow the local communities to become involved in the region's tourist activities (hospitality, fishing) and thus participate actively in the region's economic development, while ensuring the preservation of the area.

The FAS NGO supports them in structuring these eco-tourism activities by providing vocational training. In 2018, some 40 people received training in hospitality industry jobs and a further 50 or so were trained to manage fishing activities. At the end of the course, the beneficiaries say they feel “properly equipped and prepared to carry out their activities fully”. They all feel truly “self-sufficient” with regard to the acquired techniques.

Watch a video of this extraordinarily rich land and the people involved in the project