Proud of our partners!


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All through this year, NGOs and partnerships supported by Accor Solidarity have shown agility and great adaptability in dealing with the crisis. Let's take a look at 3 of them: Scarf, The Springboard Charity, and Du Pain et des Roses (Bread and Roses).

In this highly abnormal year, NGOs and partnerships supported by Accor Solidarity around the world have been very affected, with most of their beneficiaries having to comply with rules put in place by various governments. The NGOs supported by our Endowment Fund nevertheless reacted with great agility and were able to adapt their operations.

Three in particular stood out due to their responsiveness and flexibility:

1. Scarf

This Australian NGO, founded in 2010, works to help disadvantaged young people find a job in the hospitality and catering industry through a work-based training program. The Heartists of the Sofitel Melbourne on Collins lend on-site aid to Scarf by participating in training sessions, organizing hotel visits and taking on interns. Accor Solidarity has supported the partnership since 2013.

In 2020, Scarf went digital from the beginning of the 1st lockdown in Melbourne in order to carry on providing appropriate training and tailored employment preparation support. With interactive online sessions and newly created resources, recipients were able to continue benefiting from the partnership's aid. 

2. The Springboard Charity

The Springboard Charity helps unemployed people find work in UK tourism, hospitality and leisure. Its Hospitality Futures program, supported by Accor Solidarity, supports 9 Londoners with training, interviews and internships so that they can find long-term employment.

This year, restrictions in London's hospitality and catering sector since March have led Springboard to adapt its organization in order to launch the Digital Hospitality Academy. This development has enabled beneficiaries to train despite the lack of practical sessions. As soon as the hotels and restaurants reopen, they will be able to complete their training with front-line internships.

3. Du Pain et des Roses

This French NGO, founded in 2017, organizes handicraft, creative and vocational workshops for women who are unemployed or victims of violence, so that they can rebuild confidence in themselves and their abilities. In total, 91 women with severe social and economic disadvantages have benefited from this project.

In the summer of 2020, with considerable help from Accor Solidarity, Du Pain et des Roses opened a kiosk selling flowers, plants and bouquets in the 18th arrondissement of Paris. This initiative enabled recipients hoping to become florists to acquire new skills and benefit from more comprehensive support and the opportunity of a practical work-based situation.