Eligibility criteria of projects

Every employee of the Accors Group and its partners wishing to sponsor a charitable cause may request Accor Heartist Solidarity's support. They may also directly contact the permanent team in order to build up a project together.

In order to be eligible, the project must fulfill 4 criteria:

  1. The project must involve one or more Accor employees.

The employees of franchise hotels can also submit a project to Accor Heartist Solidarity.

  1. The project must benefit to a non-profit organization (NGO, association, foundation, economic integration structure...).
  2. The project must fit into one of the two fields of intervention:

Professional integration, through two types of initiatives:

  • vocational training, supporting programs that teach various trades
  • economic development, fostering income-generating activities

Enduring emergency relief, helping local populations to deal with the short-term and long-term consequences of humanitarian disasters.

  1. The project must be located in a country where Accor is present.

Submitting your project