Centro Social Menino Jesus

"Com Gastronomia se Põe a Mesa" (« win your bread with gastronomy”): professional training program for young people in difficulty, with regard to all careers related to gastronomy.

  • Field of intervention
    Vocational training
  • Supported organization
    Centro Social Menino Jesus
  • Country and localization
    Brazil, São Paulo
  • Supported people
    93 youngsters living in the Jardim Mirna favela
  • Project helped in
    2012 - 2013 - 2015 - 2017
  • Amount of the support
    28,300 euros

Centro Social Menino Jesus, a Brazilian NGO created in 2007, aims to support the populations in great difficulty (children, teenagers and adults) with social, education and professional issues.

In 2012, Rinaldo Ferreira dos Santos, a pastry chef at the Pullman in São Paulo and volunteer for the NGO, created the project: “Com Gastronomia se Põe a Mesa” which offers people training in professional catering. This 10-month training program is structured into modules of technical and practical trainings to learn the “Sous-Chefs” activity.  Pastry Chef and project holder, Rinaldo Ferreira dos Santos leads the technical and practical course modules. Other Pullman employees are involved in the training of young people.

Since 2012 , Solidarity AccorHotels supports this project through the purchase of the kitchen equipment and utensils required for the practical instruction received by trainees. In 2017, Solidarity AccorHotels is continuing to provide support allowing the vocationnal training of 30 additional beneficiaries.

I am very proud to be the project holder of Centro Social Menino Jesus, especially since I was able to benefit from their support: I am a former beneficiary of their program! It is in this context that I discovered AccorHotels and today I am pleased to be part of the Group. Thus, I concretely realize the quality of the teaching received, which allowed me to widen the range of knowledge and skills in the field of gastronomy.