Fundación Forge

Hospitality industry career training program for socially vulnerable young people.

  • Field of intervention
    Vocational training
  • Supported organization
    Fundación Forge
  • Country and localization
    Peru, Lima
  • Supported people
    290 socially vulnerable young people
  • Project helped in
    2013 - 2015 - 2017
  • Amount of the support
    47,200 euros

Founded in 2005, Fundación Forge is an NGO that works to help young people from disadvantaged backgrounds find work. It offers vocational training in 4 areas of activity where the demand for workforce is strong: sales and customer relations, logistics and distribution, hospitality / catering and administration. It operates in Argentina, Uruguay, Mexico, Chile and since 2012 in Peru (14 training centers and 12,000 young people accompanied since 2005).

In 2013, with the support of the AccorHotels teams in Peru, the Fundación Forge set up these two-year professional training courses.

Nowadays, the NGO is proposing a shorter training cycle (15 months), allowing young people in the suburbs of Lima to reach the labor market quicker. Solidarity AccorHotels supports this training program which targets more than 100 young people in difficulty and supports the growth of Forge in Peru.

Fundación Forge is a prestigious institution with a presence throughout all South America with a focus on the reintegration of young people into a competitive labor market through the creation of trades as a career plan. It is very gratifying for me to participate in a social responsibility project that links a big company, as AccorHotels, into the generation of Human Talents with values and vision towards the future.