"Restart": Protecting agricultural lands and crops in the Amatrice region against wildlife.

  • Field of intervention
    Vocational training
  • Supported organization
  • Country and localization
    Italy, Amatrice region
  • Supported people
    15 farmers, severely affected by the earthquake
  • Project helped in
  • Amount of the support
    15,000 euros

Cesvi, created in 1985, is an NGO that works worldwide to deal with crises and humanitarian emergencies. It carries out projects to fight against poverty and supports the implementation of durable solutions, for the most affected communities. These local communities are placed at the heart of the projects developed to reinforce their involvement.

In August 2016, Italy was hit by an earthquake in the municipality of Amatrice, causing very heavy human and material damage. In Amatrice, nearly 90% of the farms were damaged. As the region's economy is mainly linked to agricultural activity, the support of farmers is one of the post-emergency priorities, once the emergency actions have been taken (health, health, housing, etc.).

In 2017, Cesvi led a first project financing equipment to equip farmers and allow them to maintain their activity.

In 2018, supported by Solidarity AccorHotels and the Group's local teams, they set up fences to secure farmers' plots and crops against wild boars in the region.

The earthquake that devastated the area of Amatrice, causing dozens of dead and wounded, shook the ground as well as the souls of the Italians. They rapidly made up solidarity initiatives designed to provide concrete help to victims in the short term. However, I felt it wasn’t enough because they only face the immediate consequences. Therefore, I keep in touch with the Cesvi NGO to find a project to sustain to face long-lasting consequences of this humanitarian disaster.