Du Pain et des Roses

Artisanal, creative and professionalizing workshops for vulnerable women

Du Pain & des Roses, a French association created in 2017, organises craft, creative and professional workshops for women who are far from work or victims of violence, to help them regain confidence in themselves and their talents. 

The women benefiting from this project all come from a background of extreme exclusion, some have been victims of violence, isolation and very long-term unemployment, others have experienced the difficult path of migration. In the latter case, it should be noted that asylum seekers are not allowed to work while awaiting refugee status.
The resulting loss of confidence and social isolation has a strong impact on their future social and professional integration.
The "Floral Arts" workshops of the Bread & Roses association allow them to regain self-confidence and benefit from a supportive community. 

In total, 91 women in great social and economic difficulty benefit from this project. These women are between 20 and 50 years old, live in shelters and have accumulated social difficulties following serious breaks in their lives. 

Claire Le Calvez, multi-site revenue manager, met with the association "du Pain & des Roses" in 2018 and had the opportunity to participate in numerous actions alongside them. She took the project to Solidarity AccorHotels, which now supports the association to the tune of €8,000.