La Chorba

Renewal of professional kitchen equipment

The Chorba, a French association created in 1998, was born out of the desire to fight against the precariousness of the most deprived, by organizing hot meal distributions in Paris. Over the years, the association has increased the number of its actions, aware that the distributions were insufficient to support the most vulnerable. Food parcels, first-hour integration contracts... are all initiatives provided by La Chorba, with the aim of the sustainable social and professional integration of its beneficiaries. 

La Chorba distributes more than 300,000 meals a year, thanks to the collection of unsold food from partners (Food Bank, Carrefour, Auchan, Monoprix...). The association's integration employees transform them into hot meals. Thus, from Friday to Wednesday evening, 300 to 500 litres of soup are prepared per day. 

As the number of beneficiaries has increased sharply (+30% in the last year), the professional kitchen equipment has been damaged more quickly and is now reaching the end of its life. The Chorba must renew its equipment to continue to carry out its mission but also to allow its employees to train in real professional conditions. 

Solidarity AccorHotels is committed to supporting La Chorba by participating in the renewal of professional kitchen equipment. 

Delphine Stroh, Sustainable Development Manager, got to know the association in 2019. Touched by its global action and its strong social impact, she wanted to provide additional support to La Chorba in order to perpetuate its action. 

Beyond the financial support provided, Delphine wishes to commit herself to La Chorba:
- By taking part in food distributions from time to time, 
- By accompanying the association's reflections on an anti-waste approach: replacing single-use plastic packaging with crockery. 

Delphine's expertise on this subject is very rich to feed the association's reflections.