Refettorio Madeleine

Support of a solidarity restaurant in the crypts of the Madeleine

  • Field of intervention
    Vocational training
  • Supported organization
    Refettorio Madeleine
  • Country and localization
    France, Paris
  • Supported people
    400 people facing extreme social and economic exclusion
  • Project helped in
    2018 - 2019
  • Amount of the support
    100,000 euros

Refettorio Madeleine, a French association created in 2017, aims to fight against food waste by serving healthy meals through its solidarity restaurant, in favor of vulnerable people and while training young Chefs. This project is inspired by the concept of the three-star Chef, Massimo Bottura, who has opened several Refettorii around the world (Milan, Rio, London).

Located in the crypts of the Madeleine, the Parisian Refettorio hosts daily - Monday to Friday evening - a hundred people in situations of great vulnerability, the "guests". They can dine there in a beautiful and warm environment, and enjoy food waste products turned into exceptional meals by guest Chefs.

Solidarity AccorHotels and the Sofitel Le Faubourg and Scribe teams, located near the Madeleine, are supporting this solidarity restaurant. Group employees regularly come to volunteer for the evening service and donations of punctual material are made.