"Women'Act": Empowerment programme for vulnerable women through social entrepreneurship

  • Field of intervention
    Vocational training
  • Supported organization
  • Country and localization
  • Supported people
    23 vulnerable women
  • Project helped in
    2017 - 2018
  • Amount of the support
    20,000 euros

Empow’Her is a French charity set up in 2011 to support the empowerment of women worldwide, and aims to eliminate all forms of gender discrimination. Empow'Her supports vulnerable women by improving their economic and social conditions, helping them access education and training, developing their skills and helping them start their own businesses.

The Women'Act programme (previously Caravelle) supports women for six months of social entrepreneurship with a series of workshops, seminars and mentoring sessions delivered by industry professionals. 

In 2017, Solidarity AccorHotels is backing the first implementation of this support programme, with the launch of three pilot projects in France (in the Paris Region, Brittany and Nouvelle Aquitaine) that will support 30 women, 15 of whom are in particularly vulnerable situations.

In 2018, Solidarity AccorHotels reiterated its support for the program, which covers the whole of France.

I’m completely behind the values of Empow’Her, and I particularly appreciate this willingness to use social entrepreneurship to empower women, some of whom live in very vulnerable situations. I’m convinced that the fact that women general managers from AccorHotels are sharing their experience as part of this project will be very beneficial to programme beneficiaries.