"ClicNJob": digital platform to promote professional integration for young people who are experiencing difficulties

  • Field of intervention
    Vocational training
  • Supported organization
  • Country and localization
    Everywhere in France
  • Supported people
    100,000 young people in great difficulty
  • Project helped in
    2016 - 2018
  • Amount of the support
    27,000 euros

The aims of WeTechCare, a French association set up in 2015, are to:

  • Make digital technology more accessible for fragile populations.
  • Promote social and professional integration via the acquisition of basic digital skills.
  • Harness digital technology for the benefit of the people who need it most.

In 2016, working alongside local missions, the association launched ClicNJob, a brand-new platform that is free to use and easily accessible for young people. This platform supports them in their search for employment, while adapting to their own particular profile and degree of progress.

In 2018, ClicNJob goes further by improving the functionality of the platform and organizing specific workshops to help career guidance.

ClicNJob is a project that gives me the opportunity to share my experience with young people who need it! It is a rich experience, which brings me as much as the supported young people : it's a win-win initiative, allwoing me to add solidarity in my professional experience.