Les Jardins de Lucie

“La Fabrique: seed to plate”: social and occupational insertion of unemployed people by processing organic vegetables.

  • Field of intervention
    Vocational training
  • Supported organization
    Les Jardins de Lucie
  • Country and localization
    France, Communay
  • Supported people
    40 to 50 people in need of insertion on new professions
  • Project helped in
    2015 - 2016 - 2018
  • Amount of the support
    35,000 euros

Les Jardins de Lucie, an association formed in 2000 and member of the “Réseau Cocagne” (supported by Solidarity AccorHotels since 2014 in the Essonne region), aims to encourage the insertion of people in difficulty through economic activities focused on farming activities and the environment. In the Lyon region, the association is conducting an Insertion Workshop Project involving market farming.

Solidarity AccorHotels and the teams In Lyon support the “La Fabrique” project: a workshop to process organic vegetables into canned products, ready-made meals and vacuum-sealed vegetables. This project involves training every year 45 employees in need of insertion on new professions (jobs in the catering and restaurant industry, logistics, maintenance, etc.) and contributes new economic prospects to the insertion workshop.

The support of Solidarity AccorHotels mainly focuses on funding the construction of the building and a common room enabling the association to drive income-generating activities with businesses in the region and to promote ties with the professional world.

It is a real honour to represent the group AccorHotels and its various activities, that can be linked to the Jardins de Lucie employees' exepectations. It is important to create a dialogue and to give them back self confidence! My own view on reintegration has completely changed.

I was won over by this project as it combines both social and occupational insertion whilst meeting consumers’ needs by marketing baskets of organic vegetables grown in market gardens. It is the start of a rewarding experience full of exchanges and sharing.