Our Chairman's statement

Participating in the fight against the economic and social exclusion of people in great precariousness: this is what motivated the creation of our Accor Heartist Solidarity endowment fund 10 years ago. To fulfill this mission, all of the fund's stakeholders are mobilizing around one lever: access to professionalization, employment or entrepreneurship.

These stakeholders include all the referral employees who support the associations supported and all those who have participated in a solidarity initiative, as well as the dedicated permanent team of Accor Heartist Solidarity, its Board of Directors, its Selection Committee and its donors. To all of them, I want to say thank you. Thank you because, in 13 years, their combined efforts have made it possible to support more than 419 general interest projects benefiting to 200,000 beneficiaries in 50 countries where Accor is present.

In 13 years, over 20,000 AccorHotels employees have been directly involved in projects that help the most vulnerable. The Group is proud of this mobilization.

The strength and effectiveness of Accor Heartist Solidarity can be summed up in three words: consistency, proximity and humanness. Consistency, because its mission has never changed course. Proximity, thanks to the support of local associations and NGOs identified by those who are on the ground and live there: our employees. And lastly, the human bond forged between our local teams, the associations they support and their beneficiaries.

In 13 years, more than 20,000 AccorHotels employees have become directly involved by participating in projects to benefit the most vulnerable. This commitment is a source of pride for the Group. It is fully in line with our ambition to embody "positive hospitality" and is part of our CSR program. Because to have a positive impact on local communities, it is our duty to act on behalf of the communities where our hotels are located, wherever they are in the world.

The results of these 13 years and the enthusiasm of the people who keep Accor Heartist Solidarity alive inspire us to go even further by giving us the means to respond even more comprehensively to the issues of regional economic development and the professional integration of the most disadvantaged. Always with the same simple, universal driving force: doing good by doing good.