Our philosophy

A welcoming heart beyond borders

836 million people in the world live in extreme poverty. 103 million young people are without basic reading and writing skills and 60% of those are women. In developing regions, almost one in five people live on less than $1.25 a day.

The Accor Heartist Solidary endowment fund was set up in 2008 to help fight economic and social exclusion of people at risk of poverty by improving their employability. Although the challenge is immense, so is our determination.

Our priority mission is to promote access to professionalisation, employment or entrepreneurship, by supporting projects with positive implications for vulnerable people in countries where Accor is established.

For that, we act on two levels:

  • vocational training: training or apprenticeship programmes in trades aimed at the economic empowerment of beneficiaries;
  • economic development: support in managing or creating income-generating activities.

We also want to sustainably accompany emergency situations by helping local populations to deal with the immediate and lasting consequences of humanitarian disasters.

All the projects are identified, presented and supported by the Group’s employees. Accor Heartist Solidarity encourages and supports their solidarity commitments by offering technical and financial assistance. They thus play a major role to provide concrete action on the ground, very close to beneficiaries, territories and local communities.

Accor Heartist Solidarity has the ability to raise funds and thus involve its employees and customers. And always continue to support more projects and beneficiaries.

  • 50 countries involved

  • + than
    hotels involved in the projects

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    directs and indirects beneficiaries

  • 419 projects supported

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    employees involved

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